Stabbed Beyond all Recognition

by Festering Remains

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released October 25, 2012



all rights reserved


Festering Remains Sweden

Formed in late 2011. Festering Remains started out as a Black Metal band called "Demonic Funeral, at the time, only Erik and EX-member Oliver were running the band. Although after some time they both realized they wanted to play Death Metal, so with a bit of contacting, Tim Svanberg was announced to be the bands new vocalist, the band name was changed and then Festering Remains was created. ... more

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Track Name: Deformed Hillbilly
Deep inside
The woods of west Virginia
A family is alive
Thirsting for blood
Practitioners of incest
Deformed breed
Inside their siblings
They’re planting their seed

Deranged minds
Terrifying and vile
Humans that trespass
Will be hunted down
Trapped and killed
Or eaten alive


Inbred beasts of the forest
Cannibals of the woods
Hillbillies eating people alive
Trespassers will die

Barbarous maniacs with hatchets
Gnawing urgently on human bones
The victim’s courage to fight them collapses
And gets its head crushed with stones

The inbred beasts
Shall begin their feast
They’re all fucking sickly
Deformed hillbillys
Deformed hillbillys
Deformed hillbillys
Deformed hillbillys.
Track Name: Hatchetfucked
Bloody intestines
Laying on the floor
Her body is trembling
I'm prepared for more
The bodies of those
That i killed and sodomized
Spread across the room
It's her turn to die
Grabbing my hatchet
To fill her all up
Fucking her intensely
And i will not stop
Grabbing my hatchet
To fill her all up
Fucking her intensely
And i will not stop
Raped with an axe
Fucked with an axe
Killed with an axe
Slaughtered with an axe
Disposed of her body
Continued to kill
The orgasmic pleasure
Of the will to rape, murder and kill
You fucking whore
Raped with an axe
Fucked with an axe
Killed with an axe
Slaughtered with an axe
Track Name: No God [Bloodsoaked Cover]
You Wait His Judgment
To God You're King
The Resurrection
of Light Awaits You

Await Salvation
Your Sins and be Saved
The Dead Will Rise
Your Sins
Will be Forgiven

No God - No God
Will Hear
Your Prayers
Weak One

Weak Ones
You Call on God
For Him To Save You
You Have Become
The Cross is Useless

The Book of Lies
Pathetic Hoards
The Word of God
Your Prayers are Worthless

No God
Will Hear
Your Prayers
Weak Ones - No God!
Track Name: Stabbed Beyond all Recognition
She assumed she was safely returning home, she suspected nothing
But she will not be prepared, for in her home awaits something

A ferocious killer, ready to slice her body up
And who would have thought the very next morning she would not wake up
She arrived at her house, and went inside.Then he attacked her from behind

Violently, he threw her to the ground
Slicing her up was his vision
Stabbed her with his knife more than a hundred times
Stabbed beyond all recognition

She bled!
She cried when her blood was shed!
Then she was stabbed AGAIN!!
Used for this cruel sadistic violation
Bundy, Dhamer, Gacy was his inspiration
Violated her corpse, ate her guts
This killer who has gone nuts
He still remembers how she bled
How she cried when her blood was shed
And how he stabbed her again, and again, and again and again.